about Musica QuLacoza

Musica QuLacoza is the ensemble specify for contemporary music that began operations in Nagoya from 2013.

Despite the 2 million city, does not have quite the opportunity to enjoy new music feel free to Nagoya. This is strange indeed to think from the global level. Musicians who want to enjoy where they play the new music is gathered, it was established this Musica QuLacoza.

And deepen it to reproduce the music that is already not bad, but we will enjoy actively interested in meeting in the music that you have not heard yet.

Thank you for your support and to enjoy our work please !

◆ player profile

Satoko Tange (flute) / Kumi Uchimoto (piano) / Rika Futakawa (violin) / Maya Egashira (viola) / Hikaru Sato (violoncello)

◆ staff Profile

Hideki Kozakura (composer, representative) / Hiroyuki Yamamoto composer