Kumi Uchimoto (piano)

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At the age of four, under the guidance of his grandfather Uchihon Minoru, I begin the piano. He studied Chieko Hara, Satoshi Ohashi, to Fukasawa Ryoko will love the. Italy passed in 1988.
After graduating summa cum laude Bolzano National Conservatory of Music, and passed the Imola Piano Academy admission contest, learn Lazar Berman, Alexander Ronkuitchi, Pied Lo Rattalino, Franco Scala will love the. After graduating from the Academy for the first time as Asian, to start such Kyoen solo, chamber ensemble, and orchestra, lively activities.
It appeared on NHK-FM recital, and recording of Schumann “Fantasy Collection piece 12”. In addition, the recording by the German national broadcaster ZDF, recital in Germany has been televised.

It received a special interest in contemporary music, and has a lot of repertoire to works of modern composers of Europe. Young composer to represent Mexico, recording a CD with the chorus and Saint Petersburg National Theatre Orchestra comes as a solo pianist of the new opera. Torigosu J in 2004. Was carried out concert in Italy around also concert tour, in Russia. Kyoen Guanajuato University Orchestra and (Croatia) Zagreb Symphony Orchestra with (Mexico), (United Kingdom), cell van Martino Contemporary Music Festival Venice Biennale and concerts, Hattie dozen field contemporary music festival in the theater, including La Scala I continue the concert tour in response to the invitation to contemporary music Festival (Mexico), Vanke International Music Festival (France) Other, around the world. You are greeted by a solo pianist Ensemble Icarus than in 1994, leading to the current in both activities.