Hikaru Sato (violoncello)

Hikaru Sato 佐藤bw_web (violoncello)

Fukushima born. He starts the cello than 15 years old. After graduating from the Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music Department of Music Instrumental major stringed instrument, and completed the same graduate school master’s course.
32nd Yomiuri rookie middle concert appearances. And to act as cellist, musician of free around the Tokai district currently. Appeared in a number of performances at off campus than student, get a favorable reception. It has been accepted to a large audience as concert friendly that we held many performances by voluntary planning, was sprinkled with commentary.
He also command activities, and participation as a sub-commander in Nagoya Nikikai opera performance of 11 year and 10 year.
To Messrs Amano Takeko, Kanaya Shoji, of. Kanta L, then studied with Messrs Hyakutake Yuki, C. Ruron, of. Nolan D chamber music cello. Piano Trio , Quartet Free St., members “Hibiki Noriyuki earth” Tenor Quartet.

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