Hideki Kozakura (representative, composer)

Hideki Kozakura hideki kozakura (representative, composer)

Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music graduation, the graduation. Stay in New York as the Agency for Cultural Affairs overseas trainees. Then, Stockholm Royal College of Music graduate school graduates to WatariMizuho. Currently, I taught at Nagoya College of Music. He studied AkiraKo Noda, Akira Miyoshi, Tristan Murail, Pär Lindgren, to Bent Sørensen so far. 2nd Nomura curator Foundation scholarship, Nippon Symphony Foundation Promotion Award, Nagoya Cultural Promotion Award, 1st Takemitsu Composition Award, awarded Performing Arts Award, and Berlin Culture and Science Award. I receive a great deal of influence from folk operetta, techno music, of Spain. Also worked as an accompaniment pianist.