About Musica QuLacoza


 Performances of modern music, such as contemporary music, are frequent in the Tokyo metropolitan area, but considerably less so in other cities and regions, which unfortunately results in a ‘regional divide’ when it comes to new art music. In the Tokai region, centred on Nagoya, there are many professional orchestras and performing groups that perform classical music, and the music population is relatively well developed. However, artistic music is not just a legacy of the past, and its culture will decline if it is not continually produced for the future. Despite this, there is currently no other performance organisation in the Tokai region specialising in contemporary music (contemporary art music) other than Musica QuLacoza. The aim of the organisation is to provide opportunities for anyone to listen to professional live performances of contemporary music on a regular basis, mainly in the Tokai region. The perspective of the ‘performers’ and the uniqueness of the project – we do not just perform contemporary music, but also consider various ways of perceiving music from a curatorial perspective and explore directions to match the era of more diverse ways of listening. When music lovers become more familiar with the music of their time and acquire various ways of listening to it, local music culture is expected to develop dramatically, and the Musica QuLacoza aims to play a part in this.